Maganyeni Telecoms is a technology and telecoms specialist enterprise which provides software and hardware related solutions. Serve offerings are focused on planning and implementing, to optimizing, operating and maintenance.

Our services offerings include:

  • Server Maintenance
  • Cloud and Network Migration
  • Network Inventory Management
  • IT Security Maintenance
  • IT Storage Management
  • 24 Hour Remote Technical Support
  • Administration Software Solutions


Our server maintenance services offers protection of the server, which is the most important component of your IT infrastructure, to ensure smooth business operations. By opting for our server maintenance services, we will assist you to:

Save costs:our server maintenance plans offers regular updates and monitoring of your computer network. This will protect you from costly server breakdowns and keep your server in the best working condition for a long time, thus ensuring greater savings for your business.

Improve business efficiency: server maintenance keeps your business running smoothly as it prevents server issues that can pause your business operations.

Smart planning: our robust server maintenance plan offers server and network protection against malicious threats, data backup to avoid critical data loss, early detection of potential risks and swift diagnostics of such threats.

Reduce risks of breakdowns: breakdowns and slow servers do not only threaten business operations but can also damage your business reputation, therefore leading to the loss of customers and sales. One of the benefits of our server maintenance plan is that it reduces the risk of breakdowns, consequently boosting business efficiency.

If you are looking to minimize server issues, avoid costly downtime and enhance business efficiency, opt for Maganyeni Telecoms.

Cloud and Network Migration

We offer comprehensive cloud and network migration solutions that are customer-driven and help you meet your business and technology goals. Whether you are looking to protect and secure your critical computer operations and data on the cloud, reduce IT operating costs, scale up computing capacity, accelerate your digitalization process, develop and implement a cloud migration strategy that complements your business needs, Maganyeni Telecoms is here to help you.

Network Inventory Management

Our network inventory management solutions, which are led by experienced professionals using advanced technological tools, will assist you with network size estimation, network capacity planning, network cost/ ROI estimation and physical network administration (to prevent device/equipment loss and theft).

IT Security Maintenance

We offer the expertise, services and technologies that help businesses manage, recover and protect their data and applications against threats. Our IT security maintenance services assist with:

  • Increase risk management
  • Enhancing, reviewing or establishing your resiliency program (to best deal with threats like cyberattacks)
  • Critical business data and applications protection
  • Strengthening your capacity to respond to crisis and improve readiness
  • Swift and efficient recovery of critical business data and applications

IT Storage Maintenance

System failures can be detrimental to the production of any business and ultimately lead to the loss of income. Our storage maintenance solutions effectively solve and prevent storage problems, ensuring business continuity and giving you peace of mind knowing that your systems are online and in good conditions.

The services we provide include:

  • Hardware upgrades and installation
  • Flexible software support
  • Comprehensive break/fix support
  • Preventative monitoring and maintenance
  • Tools and techniques to maximize uptime and performance
  • Storage maintenance plans

24-hour Remote Technical Support

We provide nationwide remote technical support at a reasonable price. Our team of certified technicians are available and ready to help you with your IT problems wherever you are and at any time of the day.

Choose our remote technical support and a certified technician will be assigned to your business. The technician will be available any time of the day, to solve your IT problems and answer your IT-related queries. Our remote technicians can perform any tasks executed by an onsite technician (excluding hardware issues).

Services offered by our remote technicians include:

  • Adware/spyware clean up
  • Updates
  • Virus protection verification
  • Temporary files cleanup
  • Hard drive defragmentation
  • Startup optimization
  • Virus scan