We offer fleet management solutions that are powered by advanced tracking, monitoring and asset protection technology. Our solutions are tailored to help ensure efficiency and reduce operational costs.
Our effective fleet management solutions will help you improve:

  • Incident Management Coordination and 1st Line Collation of Associated Data/Information
  • Business Continuity Base (Branch Shadow Capacity)
  • Internal Mass Communication
  • Express Emergency Services Coordination
  • Operations Control for all Physical Security Deployments
  • Crisis Management Operations Centre
  • Offsite CCTV Monitoring
  • Alarm Monitoring and Reaction Dispatch
  • Operational 24/7/365

Fleet Tracking

We use a GPS fleet tracking software that provides real time data on your vehicle’s location and status. This allows you to always know the whereabouts of your cargo, vehicle and driver, track a disabled vehicle and quickly respond to emergencies.

Driver Behaviour Management

Our fleet management software collects and provides data about your drivers’ driving behaviour (e.g. braking habits, average speeds and cornering speeds. This data can help identify high risk drivers who need additional safety training.