Maganyeni Holdings is committed to maintaining high governance standards guided by King IV. We recognize and understand that corporate governance is the cornerstone of our organization and therefore it requires that we operate in a responsible, ethical and professional manner in our business affairs.

Maganyeni Holdings has a 3 tiered governance structure in line with best practice, comprising of:

  • The Advisory Board
  • The Board of Directors
  • Executive Committee


Maganyeni Holdings places great emphasis on board diversity, thus ensuring that memberships on all its boards are reflective of demographics, skills, experience, race, ethnicity, age, gender, educational and professional background. The primary objective is to provide the range of perspectives, insights and challenge needed to support good decision-making by the Boards.


Maganyeni Holdings has an independent advisory board comprising of independent non-executive directors who are experts in diverse disciplines, across various sectors. The advisory boards primary objective is to provide the board of directors, strategic advice, valuable industry insights and guidance on matters relating to economic trends, commercial viability, governance updates, technology advancements, investment opportunities and any other related areas.


The composition of Maganyeni Holdings board of directors is such that there is an appropriate balance between knowledge, skills, experience, independence, and diversity. To this end, the board comprises of a team of highly proficient professionals who have the relevant expertise and competencies to promptly and appropriately address current and emerging issues, which enable good decision-making to support the delivery of the Group’s strategic objectives.

The Board delegates its authority to committees with the mandate to deal with relevant governance issues and report to the Board on them on a quarterly basis. Each committee operates under terms of reference setting out roles and responsibilities, composition and scope of authority. These are reviewed every year.