The sad truth is that retail stores, banks, malls and convenience stores are often the first targets of criminals and robbers. Ensuring the safety of your business, employees and customers is essential for the success of your business, as one unfortunate incident (e.g. robbery) can demoralise your workers, chase customers away and lead to monetary loss.

Luckily, Maganyeni security has a team of competent security guards that can take care of all your security needs, improve your retail experience and give you peace of mind.

Our security officers are highly trained and well-equipped with relevant resources to prevent and control various security risks such as theft, fire, vandalism, etc., create a friendly and safe working and shopping environment.

Our Retail Security Services Include

  • Controlled audits and the potential for till-snatching robbers, returns, etc.
  • Lock down and sealing of doors at end of trading day
  • Identifying potential hazards on the trading floor which may result in injuries
  • Controlling of staff purchases and staff tills
  • Front-line patrolling and observation for under-ringing, over-ringing, insufficiently
  • Controlled audits and the potential for till-snatching robbers, returns, etc
  • Monitoring and prevention of wastage, reduced to clear goods, adherence to the cold chain during deliveries, and all internal procedures
  • Monitoring, recording and preventing of pilferage levels in service and storage areas
  • Controlling and monitoring of in-store product stock usage and stock unit pricing
  • Double checking at receiving of high-risk deliveries
  • Staff entrance access management