The birth of Maganyeni Holdings was deeply rooted in the conviction that sustainable wealth creation can only be achieved successfully through the establishment of a commercial framework that offers economic inclusion opportunities for all stakeholders.

To this end, Maganyeni Holdings has established an integrated ecosystem that offers stakeholder equity participation through Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV’s) and employee share option participation.

Our investment philosophy is centered upon identifying asset classes in high growth sectors, yielding sustainable returns for long-term value creation for our shareholders, employees, and stakeholders. Our value delivery model is achieved through the strategic integration of our subsidiary portfolio, which is geared towards achieving specific market share targets and revenue growth goals over predetermined periods. In pursuit of our growth objectives, we aim to operate with an institutional mindset, whilst maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit.

We recognize that our employees are our most cherished asset, who are anchors of our sustained excellence in our chosen markets. Thus, we continuously invest in highly talented individuals who share our vision and are committed towards the attainment of our goals and objectives. In addition, we are advocates of diversity, equity, and inclusion, thus we create equal opportunities across the demographic spectrum, gender, and various age groups.

Our commitment goes far beyond the commercial agenda and includes broader corporate responsibility objectives. Hence, part of our vision statement encapsulates the need to enhance lives and communities across the African Continent through innovation and sustainability.

Maganyeni Holdings upholds the tenets of good corporate governance as prescribed by the King IV and adheres strictly to regulatory requirements that superintend the markets we operate in. We do this with the highest sense of integrity to ensure transparency in our dealings and accountability to all our stakeholders.

We believe our purpose-driven posture will enable us to make a meaningful impact in Africa.

Mr. Moshona E. Mabuza
Group Executive Chairman